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An interview with Instagrammers @Sarcamiya and @Carchy69

Tell us about some of the pieces in your collection

Sarcamiya: Firstly I have to say that i’m a dive watch addict. I love dive bezel and love the sound of turning the bezel. That means that most of my watches are divers.
I have two Seiko watches that I love a lot. It’s always difficult to make these choices of what watch to wear.
I also love my Russian diver. She’s got that special case. That beautiful blue dial.
I do love my fossil too. That dial with these roman letters.
She’s classy and beautiful.

At the moment I’m happy with my collection but as always there’s are a lot more “want to have’s”

Carchy69: There are some beautiful pieces in my collection I would miss badly if I hadn’t had bought them.
I first started Swiss over 20 years ago.

My very first watch was the Tudor Sub and I’m still in love with it.
For over 20 years I was staying with my two Swiss Pieces.
Then I started looking for new brands.
Went Asian and got inspired by microbrands. That’s something I really have to go for in future.

How has you watch collection journey been? Any challenges or high points?

Sarcamiya WatchSarcamiya: My watch journey is exciting and interesting. It’s like a good movie you’ve never seen, you never know what happens next. The challenge is to resist sometimes. To say “not now” when you see a watch you want to buy. High point is to get an Orient Mako USA II.

Carchy69:High point definitely was the contact to Seiko. As I was very often confronted with the divers, I really got addicted. The shape and quality of this brand is outstanding as well as the price policy. You get affordable watches with excellent service. And it changed my mind in regard to Swiss watch strategy.

Russian watches also seem very interesting. There is a huge number of wrist-beauties coming from the east.

During the initial stages, is there one watch you liked in particular that you wanted but didn’t get a chance to have?

Sarcamiya: Aah there are some watches, yes. I always wanted to have a limited Seiko Samurai or a Padi.
I was always too late to buy them. Or my watch journey started too late to get them…

Carchy69: I regret not having bought this Tudor Chrono in the mid 90’s.
A watch hard to find and with a quite high price today. Maybe one day it’ll be mine.

Do you think you made any mistakes in your watch collecting journey?

Sarcamiya: Until now? No! But i have to say again that my watch journey started 1.5 years ago. Just because of my man. He’s so passionate about watches. I just got infected by his enthusiasm and his happiness showing me his watches and telling me backgrounds

Carchy69: Biggest mistake was not having gone Japan years ago.
Some pieces like the Panda-Chronos are outstanding .

Carchy69 watchOn the opposite I can definitely say what I did right: Never having my vintage watches polished at service. Patina means everything to a watch and  reflects active life. It’s like evolution to a watchaddict like me. The counterpart of the person that wears this particular watch. Every scratch is telling a history.